Vincent Marcus is a highly experienced IT professional with over 20 years of experience, leading the Partner Technology Operations teams at WEX, leveraging his previous experience managing the Platform Operations, Web, Middleware, and Tandem support teams. Before this role, he held leadership positions in Networking, Systems, and Database Administration at EFS. He is an entrepreneurial professional passionate about solving complex technical challenges.

Vincent has been recognized for his achievements, earning two WEX President’s Club awards and the Trusted Technology Leader award at EFS.


  • Experience managing technical teams and contractors, holding them accountable to meet delivery timelines.
  • Knowledge and experience working with programming languages, version control systems, and CI/CD platforms.
  • An understanding of computer and network security principles.
  • Familiar with preparing and responding to audits and working with auditors and penetration testers.
  • Practiced responding to IT and security incidents, including bringing in responsible teams and communicating with management and customers.


Senior IT Director, Partner Technology Operations

October 2022-Current

  • Responsible for the Application Services teams.
  • Supported planning, implementation, and testing of IT Disaster Recovery plans.
  • Authored policies and procedures.
  • Supported audits of the IT infrastructure, including PCI, SOC, and SOX.

Senior IT Director, Platform Operations

May 2021-October 2022

  • Managed the Application Services and DevOps teams under Global Fleet Technology.
  • Implemented and maintained CI/CD pipelines in Jenkins and Azure DevOps for software deployment and infrastructure.
  • Led efforts to containerize applications orchestrated in Kubernetes, including bootstrapping Jenkins for infrastructure and application CI/CD pipelines.
  • Managed contractors responsible for containerizing and enhancing legacy web applications orchestrated by AWS Fargate with CI/CD pipelines in Azure DevOps for infrastructure and applications, blue/green deployments, and auto-scaling.
  • Implement infrastructure as code pipelines using GitHub, Packer, and Terraform.
  • Contributed to InnerSource corporate tooling projects in Golang and Python.

IT Director, DevOps

August 2019-May 2021

  • Managed eight engineers in Global Fleet Technology DevOps.
  • Implemented and maintained CI/CD pipelines in Jenkins for software deployment and infrastructure.
  • Led a successful nine-month AWS platform migration, including building CI/CD pipelines with Github and Jenkins, implementing infrastructure as code with Terraform and Ansible, containerizing components orchestrated by AWS Fargate, migrating data, and network routing changes.
  • Collaborated with infrastructure, application development, and production support teams to implement policies and procedures to improve system reliability and reduce high-priority incidents by 30% year-over-year.
  • Led a multi-day recovery from a disaster directing DBAs, System Administrators, Production Support, and other resources.

IT Director, Web and Middleware

January 2018-August 2019
WEX acquired Electronic Funds Source in 2016. WEX provides corporate payment solutions in several markets, including Transportation, Online Travel Agencies, and Healthcare.

  • Managed a global team of engineers maintaining Middleware, Web Servers, and HP Non-Stop (Tandem) systems.
  • Supported planning, implementation, and testing of IT Disaster Recovery plans.
  • Authored policies and procedures.
  • Supported audits of the IT infrastructure, including PCI, SOC, and SOX.
  • Integrated and migrated over 200 websites behind a new corporate standard web application firewall.

Director of Systems Administration

Electronic Funds Source, LLC
Transportation Clearing House merged with EFSTS in 2011 and formed Electronic Funds Source. In 2012 Electronic Funds Source acquired T-Chek. Warburg Pincus acquired Electronic Funds Source in 2014.

  • Managed bidding, purchasing, and contracting to acquire the required capacity for two major data consolidation plans within the scope of two M&A projects, executing within budget.
  • Collaborated with complex and diverse business unit teams to prepare and execute successful annual and non-routine system audits with internal and external audit groups.
  • Collaborated with the development team to migrate the proprietary credit card authorization system from legacy HP-UX systems to Linux running in a VMWare cluster, significantly reducing capital costs while improving redundancy and reliability.
  • Collaborated with developers to convert legacy network listeners written in C from a threaded model to an event-driven design, resulting in more efficient listeners that could handle many network connections using less memory and CPU.
  • Analyzed fraudulent activity and developed an algorithm and accompanying reports in Groovy and Perl that led to earlier detection and mitigation of fraud.
  • Using Scala, built tools to migrate an Oracle database from an acquisition into an Informix database.
  • Assessed email solutions and replaced the corporate standard resulting in considerable savings through reduced licensing, capital, and operational costs while introducing new employee features and capabilities.
  • Using Wireshark, analyzed network traffic and identified a severe bug within firewalls. Collaborated with the firewall vendor to develop a patch.
  • Reverse-engineered and analyzed malware to develop defenses against it.

Systems/Database Administrator

Transportation Clearing House

  • Installed, configured, optimized, and maintained HP-UX, Linux, and Solaris servers.
  • Responded to and complied with audits performed by the internal compliance department and other audits performed by regulatory agencies.
  • Monitored systems, databases, and applications to maintain a 99.99% uptime as required by service level agreements.

Unix Programmer

Transportation Clearing House

  • Migrated Interactive Voice Response applications, written in a combination of C and proprietary languages, from SCO Unix to Sun Solaris.
  • Designed, authored, and implemented a common logging infrastructure for proprietary applications written in C that increased the system’s flexibility while improving application performance and reducing the amount of unnecessary logging.
  • Analyzed existing procedures and scripts to develop universal approaches across a team of 8 that ensured code builds and moves met quality assurance standards.
  • Migrated legacy source code from the RCS source code repository into CVS, resulting in improved developer efficiencies as it was no longer necessary to lock files, and branching and tagging strategies could be added to the development lifecycle.
  • Established code migration strategies for proprietary applications that reduced downtime, met regulatory requirements and enabled rollback options when a bug was discovered.



  • Engineered software products with cutting-edge data mining techniques for purchasing practices in the healthcare industry.
  • Developed web crawler process utilizing Perl, automating the search for supplier catalogs and decreasing the use of operational resources searching the internet, locating products, and adding them to the database.
  • Designed data conversion and data mining software in Perl and SQL to load customers' data into the system for processing.
  • Built processes to automatically correct customer data where possible using a variety of algorithms and techniques, including Soundex algorithms and Levenshtein distance.


Pacific WebWorks

  • Created and customized software tools to assist clients with electronic storefront hosting and internet payment systems.
  • Developed and implemented a proprietary extension from Dreamweaver 3.0/4.0 using JavaScript API, which enabled customers to directly manipulate their storefront using Dreamweaver instead of Pacific WebWorks proprietary store editing tools and templates.
  • Migrated data from Oracle to proprietary data structures, which improved performance, increased reliability, and reduced licensing expenses.
  • Rewrote proprietary storefront applications from Microsoft Active Server pages running on Internet Information Services to applications written in Perl running on Apache, resulting in improved system security, performance, and reduced licensing expenses.


Weber State University
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science


Date Award
March 1, 2022 WEX President’s Club for 2021
March 1, 2018 WEX President’s Club for 2017
May 6, 2015 Department of Defense and Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve Patriotic Employer
July 17, 2013 Electronic Funds Source Trusted Technology Leader for the 2nd Quarter
Jan 11, 2008 Flying J Employee of the Quarter for 4th Quarter 2007


Available upon request.