About Me


Hello, I’m Vincent Marcus and I currently work as an IT Director for a FinTech. I have over 20 years of IT experience, including programming, systems and database administration, and IT operations management. My primary focus is on reliability and performance to reduce the number of incidents and opportunities to test disaster recovery plans. I try to stay on top of the latest technologies and trends, and I feel like I have a unique perspective on how to optimize IT systems and processes. My career has been dedicated to ensuring that the innovative solutions developed by my team are always working and working well.

I am particularly passionate about:

  • Migrating platforms from legacy on-premise data centers into the cloud, especially AWS
  • Uplifting legacy systems using new technologies like containerization, serverless, and Kubernetes
  • Improving observability by implementing monitoring tools and building valuable dashboards
  • Implementing enterprise job schedulers for batch workflow management
  • Documenting incident management workflows and playbooks
  • Building and maintaining CI/CD pipelines to support code and infrastructure
  • Automating just about everything

I am proud to have been recognized as Employee of the Quarter, a Trusted Technology Leader, and as a member of the President’s Club twice. I am also honored to have been recognized as a Patriotic Employer by the Department of Defense and Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve.

In my free time, I like to stay in shape by riding my Peloton and rucking. I also enjoy networking and sharing my knowledge with my peers in the IT industry.

Things I am terrible at:

  • Making coffee (I can drink it like a pro, though)
  • Remembering names (sorry, it’s not personal)
  • Keeping plants alive

Personal Projects


dig.wtf is a mobile-friendly website that returns the same information from the dig command. Besides being able to run the queries from a cellphone, it’s nice to be able to check and see what public DNS entries are when you are subject to an internal DNS.

There have been three versions of the site.

  • Version 1 was hosted in AWS using Elastic Beanstalk. It was written in golang.
  • Version 2 was hosted in AWS using CloudFront, S3, and Lambda. It was written in Python.
  • Version 3 is hosted in CloudFlare and uses CloudFlare Pages and CloudFlare Workers. CloudFlare Workers can only access services over HTTP, so it’s using DNS over HTTPS (DoH) instead of DNS over TCP or UDP. The ANY DNS query is being deprecated, and there are some limits with CloudFlare Workers that I had to work around, so dig.wtf only resolves A, AAAA, NS, MX, TXT, and SOA records.

When I have time, I’ve been working on a fourth version that uses WASM and DoH on the local client without needing a dynamic backend.


xkpass.com is a passphrase generation tool using the XKCD Password generation algorithm. It’s written in JavaScript and HTML and is currently hosted using CloudFlare Pages.

An earlier version was hosted in AWS using CloudFront and S3.